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Sports Resources Ltd: Sports Resources Ltd is a 100% New Zealand owned and operated company specialising in the manufacture and importing of quality sporting and school apparel.

Angela Lewis Design is New Zealand’s high fashion Designer Company.

Stretteon Clothing Limited: Stretteon Clothing Limited is New Zealand’s high Fashion Designer Company. 

Ravi – March 2016
I have just recently bought uniform for my little girl who has gone to year 9. I would like to thank Angels Fashions for the discount. Thanks

Sharlet – March 2016
Angels Fashions is a great shop to do Papatoetoe high school uniform shopping. Excellent service.

John – March 2016
Very good service. Bought 3 kids aorere college uniform. Fast service. reasonable price. Great discount. Thank you.

Jane – Feb 2016
Recommended to all. Done shopping for aorere school uniform. Cheaper than I thought. Thanks

George – Feb 2016
Bought Papatoetoe Intermediate school uniform. Very good quality.

Atu – Feb 2016
My Daughter needed a special size for Aorere college uniform blouse and skirt made up because we could not find her size anywhere.  Would like to Thank Angels fashion Uniform shop from the bottom of my heart for making the special size Aorere uniform.

Vishwa – Feb 2016
Great place to do school uniform shopping. Papatoetoe High school uniform.

Walker – Feb 2016
I had to get a special uniform made for my staff. Was very impressed with Angels Fashion for making the uniform and doing the embroidery within 3 weeks.

Shalena – Feb 2016
Kedgley Intermediate uniform. Great Customer service.

Rita – Jan 2016
Aorere College uniform bought for my 2 kids. Very happy with the good customer service. Very friendly staff.

Vaisa – Jan 2016
Great customer service. Cheap Papatoetoe high school uniform. Cheers

Esther – Jan 2016
Angels Uniform has a great team of staff. Helped me with my kids Papatoetoe Intermediate school uniform. Awesome. 10/10 .

Leanne – Jan 2016
Wonderful team.

Anrienne – Jan 2016
Very lovely team. Aorere College Uniform

Esther – Jan 2016
Thank you for your wonderful service. 10/10 . Good staff. Papatoetoe high school uniform

Manao – Jan 2016
Ordered 6XL jacket when out of stock and received it within 2 weeks. Thanks Guys. Aorere College Uniform