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Q: We have an idea of what we want but we don’t know where to start. Can you help?

A: We can work with everything from official blueprints to a concept in your mind. Send us your sketches, blueprints or an item similar to what you’re looking for and we can guide you in the right direction.

Q: We are concerned about the confidentiality of our concept/design?

A: We are in the contract sewing business and that’s where our interests lie. If you do the marketing and we do the production, both will be successful. If you have concerns and wish to submit forms pertaining to non-compete and confidence issues, we are willing to review such agreements. We do need an explicit description of the product to be certain that it does not conflict with items that we are already producing before we will sign such agreements.

Q: Why should I use Angels Fashion for automated cutting when I can do my own cutting?

A: Outsourcing cutting allows companies to cut back on employee and operating costs and expensive material mistakes. By using our specialised cutting process system, that we have developed over the years all pieces are cut exactly to specifications and are consistent with every piece thereby allowing for easier and faster production of the sewn pieces. We also utilizes the material in the most efficient manner by automatically spacing the pieces within the pattern to produce maximum yield from every roll.

Q: How will I be charged for the cutting services?

A: There is a flat fee for setting up the pattern and placement. This fee covers entering the pattern into the system, a trial run of the pieces, minor adjustments to the pattern as specified by the customer and a time study for piece pricing. Once the pattern is accepted, a per-piece charge is implemented based on size and quantity of the pieces needed.

Q: Is there such a thing as too small or too large of an order?

A: We have no minimums or maximums. However, small production runs of an item will be more costly than larger runs due to the time involved. We have many clients who will give us larger purchase orders with different release dates to take advantage of volume pricing. If you need further information in regards to all the services that we offer and if you would like to outsource your requirements to us we are very keen to sit and discuss on agreeing to a mutual business relationship.